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Hotel "Тарелка"

Unforgettable vacations for close company

If you are going to rest and ski in Dombai with a company of friends - hotel "Tarelka" is the place specially created for you. It is situated on the third line of the armchair funicular or on the last station of the wagon - funicular, 10 meters lower than Hotel "Peak Inne". That is why the colorful and valuable description of the "Peak Inne" environments and possibilities fits to this hotel too.

"Tarelka" fully justifies its name - it really looks like a landed other planet spaceship - UFO. However, not other planet creatures live there. You and your friends may become its inhabitants and keepers for any period you wish.

You enter the "Tarelka" board through the disguised folding hatchway and find yourself in the mess-room: the round hall with a table and chairs for a dinner, poker, "pul" and other friendly pastime facilities after the mountain slopes subjugation.

From the mess-room you can get to the other rooms of "Tarelka":

  • Two DBL apartments
  • One four person apartment
  • Shower bath and WC
  • Kitchen
  • Room for the personnel
The apartments look like the cabins - small, modest and certainly with a fantastic view on the mountain peaks of Belalaklaia and the others. You will always see what kind of weather is outside and what kind of skiing is in prospect, while all "lower" hotels inhabitants can even guess about it.

In the morning without any haste you get up, have a bath, drink a cup of tea while "lower" hotels inhabitants line up before the funicular and push one another near the wagon-funicular. Feel the difference!

Three members of the personnel will work every for you allowing FB (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and providing careless and comfortable rest.

If your company consists of 8-12 persons, you can reserve this hotel.

Depending on the season one day costs about $20 per person.


  • Real advantages are for those who come for sport skiing. You are the first in the ski-zone, so the virgin snow is totally yours.
  • No one can interfere your close company here at 2400 m. You are alone with mountains.
  • Since the owners of "Tarelka" are at the same time the owners of Ratrak, you can use this possibility for night skiing. They lift you on Ratrak to any place and then you enjoy extrim skiing in the light of power lamps.


  • If you want to spend night time in Dombai Valley - it is difficult to you staying in "Terelka". You are 2400 m. Dombai is at 1600 m, and closed funicular is between you.
  • If you need to go down very early (ex. you don't want to be late at your airplane and must take a taxi in the Dombai Valley at about 8.00) before the funicular is open, you must either use your ski to go down in the dark morning, or come down the day before and spend the last night somewhere in Dombai Valley.

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